So Many Possibilities and Questions: Episodes 1-6

From the beginning I have questioned the base of Adnan’s prosecution for the murder for Hae Min Lee, his ex girlfriend. While listening to the first half of the Serial podcast on this case I have had so many questions come to mind. By the halfway point of the podcast most of my original questions are answered and some new ones emerge. One thing I cant come to understand is if Adnan is guilty and some version of Jay’s story is true, why did Adnan choose Jay to help him cover up the murder? If the murder was planned by any chance why would he talk about it with Jay. Its not like Jay and Adnan were close friends. According to Adnan he and Jay were only associates. They didn’t much more than smoke together. So why would Adnan choose Jay? Considering that Adnan is guilty, how he says he associated with Jay could be part of him trying to cover up what he did. Now lets assume for a moment that Adnan was innocent, Why would Jay lie on Adnan? Could it simply be that Jay killed Hae and is trying to cover up for himself? Could it be that Jay had part in the murder with someone else that he was close with and is trying to help that person cover up? Anything can be possible when there isn’t enough evidence to back up an accusation.

When looking at cases you cant take everything found or said at face value. Just Because Adnan and Hae broke up and Adnan wasn’t happy about it doesn’t mean he was mad enough to killed her. Just because Adnan was one way around his parents and a different way when he wasn’t around them doesn’t mean he’s a murderer or even a bad person at all. The prosecution attacked Adnans character for the most part. Based on personal experience I believe¬†someones character doesn’t show whether or not they are capable of committing a crime.

I found Jays confession hard to believe mainly because of his changes from story to story. Its not like he was going to get in more trouble then he was already in. Also, how can you forget the location you first seen someones dead body? Another thing that got to me was the timeline of when Adnan supposedly killed Hae, moved her body, and returned to school in time for track practice. Just because something is possible doesn’t mean it happened. Sarah Koenig said that it was possible but unlikely because he would have had to have no interruptions or make any mistakes. This case is ridiculous. There is no real proof that Adnan killed her or had any part in it at all.


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